2018 Business Goals and Accountability for Entrepreneurs

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Master Plan + Accountability Workbook

Business Goals and Accountability for Entrepreneurs

I believe in being prepared. I live by task lists, schedules, and plans.  

As an entrepreneur, I believe it is even more valuable than ever. Having a roadmap and, measurable goals is a must to keep from roaming aimlessly through the journey we call entrepreneurship and business ownership. 

Based on my own experiences, trials, successes, and failures, here are few key elements in the Business Goals and Accountability for Entrepreneurs Workbook:  

1. Be fluid in your planning. As your business, and life, roll like the tide, you must be able to maneuver and adapt your plan in order to meet objectives. 

2. Break the 1 Year Plan into 90 day increments. Things move so fast in today’s society. Technolgy changes daily. Stay relevant and adjust your annual plan at each quarterly check-in. 

3. All goals should be measurable. Track. Report. Analyze. In this workbook, we will plan, work, track and report our annual and monthly goals for our businesses.  

Download the the Master Plan and Accountability Workbook for Entrepreneurs.